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Alitalia in Piazza di Spagna

SpazioAlitalia is a new and attractive space designed for you. It is in the centre of Rome in the beautiful Piazza di Spagna and it is located in the long established Roman representative office of American Express. SpazioAlitalia is a step forward that strengthens the partnership between the two companies.

Unique and contemporary SpazioAlitalia is characterized by the presence of original elements of industrial design, closely linked to a flight experience; there are three aircraft seats where you can sit and feel as if you were on a flight and two engines frames of a Boeing 747 and a DC9 adapted to customer service counters.

In the new space there is also and area dedicated to fashion with a display of photos of Alitalia's in-flight uniforms, from the 50s until today, designed by the most famous designers.


In addition to enjoying the comfort and elegance of SpazioAlitalia, you can read about the company's history and the world around it. You can spend sometime and play with the video wall, which through its multimedia contents, narrates the story of flights with suggestive images, from the birth of Alitalia to the most modern services offered today. Interact with the 3 large touch-screen and ask our pilots and flight attendants about their flight experience and the world related to their profession.

And while exploring the features of the new location, take advantage of our ticketing service and information desk. There are also 4 self - ticketing locations to plan your next flight, buy your ticket and print your boarding pass.

SpazioAlitalia: Piazza di Spagna 38, Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.

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