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Passenger Rights

This section lists the regulations, rules and procedures that guides Alitalia’s conduct in relation to domestic and international carriage of passengers and baggage, passenger rights, contracts and forms for obtaining assistance in relation to the travel experience.

General Condition Carriage

The air transportation contract between Alitalia and the passenger is regulated by the General Conditions of Carriage as supplemented by the Fare Regulations applicable to the specific air transport service or ticket.

Air Carrier Liabilities

This section gives a summary of the laws that regulate the liabilities of the air carrier, its limitations and compensation for  disruption of service to passengers in relation to the air carriage of passengers and baggage.

Joint Conciliation

This section provides information regarding the joint conciliation procedure established by Alitalia and the consumer protection associations.

Contacts and Assistance

This section lists all the telephone numbers for information, booking and purchasing, check-in, special assistance and the forms and procedures for postflight assistance.

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