Traveller's care

Alitalia has a dedicated Team for persons with reduced motion or sensorial capacities. Special assistance must be requested at booking time, by contacting your local customer center. It is recommended to request assistance at least 48 hours before the flight departure time, in order to receive the confirmation about the service availability.
For further information about rights of disabled people, please consult the EC 1107/06 regulation

Wheelchair and strectcher onboard

Passengers with reduced mobility are allowed to carry with no extra charge, 2 mobility equipments (es. wheelchair) and an additional baggage item weighing less than 23 kg containing only medical equipment. Wheelchair, whether it be folding or electric, will be registered as checked baggage.

Please remember that deadline time-limit to show up at check-in is:

  • 60' before departure for Italian domestic flights
  • 90' for international flights
  • 120' for intercontinental flights

Otherwise you may book different options wheelchair:

  • until the aircraft staircase
  • until the aircaft cabin entrance, avoiding climbing stairs where foreseen 
  • until your seat onboard

If you need to travel lying down, you may request the strecher service when booking.

Blind or visually-impaired passengers

From April 2011 Alitalia makes available on board approximately 90 aircraft of its medium-haul Airbus fleet, the Safety Briefing Card, created for blind or visually-impaired passengers.
The card, which contains all the passenger safety information, is written in braille, with 3-D relief figures for the blind according to the readability and color contrast requirements for the visually impaired. The new card was developed by Enac in cooperation with the Federazione Nazionale delle Istituzioni Pro Ciechi (National Federation of Institutions for the Blind). 

These are the main characteristics:

  • text printed with characters and colors suitable for the visually impaired (and any traveling companion)
  • text printed in braille
  • figures printed in 3-D that illustrate elements such as the location of safety exits, the layout and configuration of the cabin, the way to fasten and unfasten the safety belt, the positions to take in case of an emergency and the use of the life vest and oxygen mask.

Guide dogs for passengers with impaired seeing or hearing

Guide dogs that travel with persons who can't see nor hear are put in hold in a dedicated kennel or in cabin with muzzle and leash, if space is available.
These pets travel for free and with no weight limits. When booking the flight, availability for the dog must be requested at that time. The dog owner must supply the necessary travel equipment (muzzle, leash and/or kennel).

Oxygen therapy

Passengers that have heart, lung or breathing problems may book the oxygen service, to avoid possible disorders caused by in-cabin pressure when flying at high altitude.

Onboard escort for dependent travellers

All passengers who are not self-sufficient, blind or deaf or that need wheelchair or stretcher, must have an escort who can give them all necessary assistance during travel at any time.

Alitalia guarantees assistance and dedicated services for all those having health problems and need to take along for all the trip's length medications and other devices. Upon passenger's specific request, particular needs may eventually be evaluated at each time.

MEDIF and FREMEC medical consents

You must print, fill out and have the family doctor sign the Medical Information Form (MEDIF) medical consent, so you may have special assistance services. It must be dated at the most 7 days prior to departure date.
Passengers that have chronic illnesses or physical handicaps may also submit FREMEC (Frequent Traveller’s Medical Card), a sanitary card valid 5 years, and fill in section E, page 1 and 3 of MEDIF, where they declare if they are or not self-sufficient.

The following persons must present the documents:

  • those who need oxygen or stretcher onboard 
  • those who aren't self-sufficient for physical and/or mental reasons
  • those who need absolutely specialized medical assistance onboard 
  • those who are pregnant with possible complications or are in the last 4 weeks before foreseen birthdate

Onboard carrying of hypodermic syringe

Carrying hypodermic syringes for personal use is allowed, up to the entire trip length (departure flight, stay, return flight).
To carry syringes onboard, the carrier's authorization must be requested when booking and presentation at check-in of the following documents:

  • medical certificate, dated up to 30 days at the most prior to departure date, that states the need of the medication, quantities and way of assumption
  • medication descriptive leaflet  
  • self-declaration that the container is shockproof and toppleproof

For further information, get in touch with the call-centre or the nearest Alitalia office.
Useful suggestions for the best possible travel experience may be found in the onboard well-being page.

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