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Checked-in Baggage

Baggage can be registered and must fly only with the passenger, checked-in upon ticket presentation.
All you need to know before leaving follows.  

How to prepare baggage

Baggage to be registered goes in the aircraft hold, so it's important it must be sufficiently rigid and resistent. cardboard boxes may be accepted as registered baggage (wrapped in cellophane, where such service exists), and having the passenger’s complete contact information (name, address and phone number).

The tag, the baggage ID card

At check-in, baggage is weighed and tagged with name, itinerary, destinations' airport codes, flights' numbers and date. The tag's receipt, attached on the ticket, is necessary to identify it upon arrival and eventually in the case of loss for tracking purposes. 

Value declaration of baggage

Alitalia's responsibility limits for loss or damage of baggage does not include damaging of valuable, fragile or perishable objects/goods. If you wish to extend the liability, you may complete and submit the value declaration.

Restrictions and forbidden baggage

Alitalia has the right to check all baggage content, except the diplomatic one, for security reasons and to impose restrictions to some items' transportation. Many of items not allowed on passenger flights although may go as freight, as long as they are packed as foreseen by freight regulations.
For further information see the 'Special baggage' section.

Further details are in the General Conditions of Transport document.

Maximum allowed weight and excess baggage charge

A specific baggage allowance is provided for each destination of your travel. Details and prices of your baggage allowance on the dedicated page.
If the baggage is over the limits, an excess baggage charge applies. For further information see the dedicated page.
Maximum weight allowed for each registered baggage of the passenger is of 32 Kgs. Boxes, crates, pacakges or single pieces of baggage that are beyond the limit must be sent as freight. Details about this service can be found on the Alitaliacargo website

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