Electronic Devices

Use always allowed

  • hearing aids, pacemakers, electronic nerve stimulators; 
  • electronic watches and other low-consumption devices with micro-batteries or solar batteries. 

Use allowed when on the ground with the aircraft doors open, or during flight unless instructed otherwise by the crew 

  • PCs and handheld computers not connected to printers, scanners, CD/DVD burners or devices for wireless transmission/communications (mouse, keyboard, modem, telephone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.); 
  • CD/DVD, MP3/MP4 readers, USB memory pen drives; 
  • audio recorders and videotape cameras, with memory card or hard disk; 
  • analogue and digital cameras; 
  • portable electronic games not connected in wireless mode, and electronic games not remote-controlled;  

Audio and audio-video devices can only be used with earphones. Wireless devices must be deactivated once on board and kept inactive for the entire flight.  

Use always prohibited 

  • *Mobile phones (cellphones) and their accessory functions (except when on the ground with the aircraft doors open); 
  • printers, scanners, PCs and handheld computers devices which permit wireless transmission or communications (mouse, keyboard, modem, telephone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc); 
  • CD/DVD and minidisks recorders/burners (e.g. devices incorporated in PCs and in video cameras); 
  • PC and handheld computer wireless functions (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc); 
  • AM/FM radio, TV and screens with cathode ray tube; 
  • electronic games with wireless connections; 
  • remote-control devices (e.g. remote-controlled toys); 
  • two-way transmitters (e.g. walkie-talkie, CB radio, pagers, etc); 
  • telemetry devices; 
  • every other device which emits radio frequency signals. 

For more details contact the nearest Alitalia office.

*The use of mobile phones and handheld computers is allowed in telephone mode on ground when the aircraft doors are open; in flight or offline mode only during cruise at flight altitude above 10,000, and only if the function has been previously the preselected.

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