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MilleMiglia e-Coupons

Don’t miss the chance to use the miles you converted into MilleMiglia e-Coupons up until December 31st 2012 for purchasing Alitalia tickets and to visit the destinations of your dreams.

It's very easy to use your MilleMiglia e- Coupons: book and purchase a flight up until December 31st 2013 on the Alitalia website for yourself or up to 7 other people, and the value of the coupon will be applied to the amount of the purchase.

Here are some rules to properly use the discount code:    

  •  the MilleMiglia e-Coupons can be used only from 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2013, for purchase of flights operated by Alitalia;
  • MilleMiglia e-Coupons are available in euro currency and may be used to purchase one or more airline tickets exclusively on the following websites: www.alitalia.com; www.alitalia.it; www.alitalia.be; www.alitalia.gr; www.alitalia.de; www.alitalia.nl; www.alitalia.fr; www.alitalia.es;
  • to use the MilleMiglia e-Coupon, the customer must enter the alphanumerical code in the proper field on the Alitalia website during the purchase ticket process. After entering the code, the customer must click the “Recalculate” button and the cost of the ticket will automatically be updated;
  • the MilleMiglia e-Coupon may not be modified or refunded or converted to money. Once used for the purchase of a ticket, it will no longer be valid.

If you need to see the codes of the MilleMiglia e-Coupons you have requested, please use the button below. After log-in, you can view the code of the MilleMiglia e-Coupon in the "My e-Coupon" web page.

To find out all the details regarding this initiative, please visit the regulations and the FAQ pages.

We'll be waiting for you onboard.

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