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Freccia Alata Plus "Per Sempre"


The MilleMiglia Programme introduces the Freccia Alata Plus "Per Sempre" Card, a special unlimited acknowledgement of the programme’s most prestigious status: the Freccia Alata Plus Club. In addition to all the advantages offered by the Freccia Alata Plus Club itself, Freccia Alata Plus "Per Sempre" members will also be offered exclusive services and extra benefits on Alitalia flights.


How to obtain the Freccia Alata Plus "Per Sempre" Card:
As of 2012, membership in the Freccia Alata Plus “Per Sempre” Club will be granted to customers who, as a result of having reached the required thresholds in qualifying miles, have maintained the programme’s most prestigious status for at least 10 consecutive years (Freccia Alata up until 2007 and Freccia Alata Plus since 2008).


The initiative is available to Freccia Alata Plus Members who have reached the standard confirmation thresholds for 10 consecutive years for the Freccia Alata Plus (since 2008) and Freccia Alata (in the years prior to 2008) Clubs, whether in miles or in flights.
The customers must therefore meet the following criteria:

  • They must have been Freccia Alata Plus members since 2008, must have reached the required threshold in qualifying miles for Freccia Alata Plus status (80,000 qualifying miles in one calendar year), or else the threshold of qualifying flights (90 eligible routes in one calendar year, since 2010), and must have maintained their Freccia Alata Plus status throughout the subsequent period;
  • They must have reached the standard thresholds for Freccia Alata status eligibility for the years prior to 2008.

Customers who meet the initiative’s participation requirements will receive an e-mail or hard copy notice from Alitalia confirming their inclusion in the Freccia Alata Plus “Per Sempre” Club.

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