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Domestic Animals

Inseparable even when you travel. 
Want to take your dog, cat, or even your canary with you on holiday? Alitalia welcomes on board your pets. Here’s all the information you’ll need for travelling with your pets. 
Due to structural constraints, pets in cabin service may not be available on all aircrafts in every class, so please contact your local Customer Center.

Cats and dogs 

To travel within the European Union, cats and dogs must have: 

  • a passport issued by a vet, certifying the list of vaccinations and the state of health of the animal 
  • a clearly legible tattoo or an electronic identification system (transponder)

You will also need to remember that: Pets younger than three months old will not be allowed to travel within Europe as they haven’t yet received the anti-rabies vaccine.
Before being allowed to enter Sweden, animals will have to receive an anti-parasitical treatment against echinococcus and ticks. 
It is not allowed to transport pets in the cabin, in the hold, or as cargo to the United Kingdom and Ireland. 
Some countries have limitations on the introduction of specific animals.

Transportation of guide dogs for visually impaired or blind people (and/or hearing impaired people) is free of charge and is not governed by weight limits.   

For further information, visit the page regarding assistance for visually impaired passengers


To prevent the spread of Avian Flu, the European Union and the Ministry of Health have forbidden the transportation on all Alitalia aircraft of birds or any bird products coming from Asia, Turkey, Russia, South Africa, Romania, Croatia and the Balkan States. 
We also remind you that for health security reasons, transport of parrots and budgies is not allowed.

Transportation in the cabin or in the hold?

Transportation of pets is subject to the payment of a supplementary fee.

Policy for tickets issued as of September 1, 2010

Excess charge rates shown in the table below have to be considered per single flight segment and with the following currencies: EUR or equivalent from Europe, East Europe, Japan; USD from USA and South America; CAD or equivalent from Canada.

ItalyEurope, East Europe, North AfricaMiddle EastJapan and ChinaCanada, South America, Central Africa
Pets in cabin
(weight up to 10 kg, including transport cage and food)
Pets in the hold
(weight up to 75kg, including transport cage and food)


For tickets issued until August 31, 2010 click here and read the baggage policy.


from US to Rest of the worldfrom Rest of the world to US
Pets in cabin
(weight up to 10 kg, including transport cage and food)
Pets in the hold
(weight up to 75kg, including transport cage and food)


For tickets issued within January 23, 2012 click here and read the baggage policy.

Transportation in the cabin is subject to some specific conditions:
  • the pet will have to spend the entire duration of the trip inside its transport cage with maximum dimensions:
    • length 40 cm
    • width  20 cm
    • height 24 cm
  • The transporter must allow the pet to be comfortable, and to be able to turn around and lie down. It must allow the passage of air, and also be waterproof and robust.
  • A transport cage may contain up to five animals of the same species as long as the combined weight (including food and the carrier itself) does not exceed 10 kg.
  • If any of the above conditions are not met (or if the pet disturbs other passengers), the Captain has the authority to transfer the pet to the aircraft’s hold.

Code share flights

Please note that for code share flights is applied the baggage policy of the operating company partner over the entire flight, if the flight is operated entirely by the partner.
To know the baggage rules in case of connecting flights operated by different carriers please visit our Customer Center.
For flights from/to USA is applied the policy of the marketing carrier company, whose code is shown on the ticket.
If applicable according to the above rules, check the baggage policy of our partner companies:

SkyTeam Partners (Aeroflot - Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air France, China Airlines, China Eastern - China Southern - CSA Czech Airlines - Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, Tarom, Vietnam Airlines)

Other companies: Etihad, Kuwait Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Jet Airways, Darwin, Bulgaria Air, Air italy, Jat, Luxair, Malev, Ukraine International airlines, Carpatair, Tap, Air Europa, Air Corsica.

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