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At the airport and in flight

Alitalia has always sought to ensure a level of quality and comfort, which goes far beyond the time you spend in flight. Find out all the information about Alitalia services at the airport.

Sky Team Services

Dedicated services for all customers who have chosen the skyteam alliance

Preferential gates

An exclusive service allowing quicker and easier access to security checks.

Lounges at the airport

Before your flight, we would like to welcome you to our Freccia Alata Lounges to work or relax. And from now on, all MilleMiglia and Ulisse members can purchase a single entry to enjoy the design, comfort and privacy of Alitalia lounges.

Extra comfort seats

From today, during the Web Check-in procedure, you can purchase an extra comfort seat that guarantees you an even more comfortable trip thanks to more legroom.

Special meals

We offer special meals on board of our aircraft, catering for all requirements.

On board well-being

Tips and suggestions o help you make the most of your travel: from on board exercises to useful tips for overcoming jet lag.

Electronic devices

To simplify your journey and make it more enjoyable, discover which electronic devices can be used on board our flights.

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