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Why join the program?

When you join the MilleMiglia Program, you become part of an exclusive world filled with privileges and dedicated services that Alitalia has created with you in mind.
Still not a member? Here are 5 good reasons to join the MilleMiglia Program right away!

1) joining is simple and free!

Becoming a member is very simple: sign-up conveniently online in a few minutes, inserting your data in a quick and easy manner. You will receive a welcome bonus of 2,000 miles1 and receive your personal card directly at home2.

2) thousands of ways to earn miles!

MilleMiglia rewards you every time: when you fly with Alitalia, Air One or one of its Partner companies.
If you do not fly often, MilleMiglia rewards you just the same. Thanks to numerous services offered by business Partners, you earn miles also when you book accommodation in hotels, rent a car and in many other ways still.
Visit the dedicated section and discover all the ways that you as a member can earn miles and reach the threshold for requesting your awards.


The MilleMiglia Program is designed to involve your entire family.
If you have a child between 2 and 13 years old, with MilleMiglia Kids you also earn miles when they fly.

4) numerous ways to spend your miles and gain benefits!

With the Program, you have numerous ways to spend your miles.

  • Request an award ticket on flights with Alitalia and Partner Companies: all you have to do is decide where you want to go, in Italy or abroad, based on the number of miles earned. And if you are only a few miles short, the Buy Miles service allows you to buy them, give them away or transfer them to friends and relatives.
  • Experience the comfort of Business Class, using your miles to upgrade to the superior class.
  • Choose to support the humanitarian projects developed by the MilleMiglia Charity Program partner associations.

5) with the exclusive clubs, get ready to be treated as a truly special guest!

To our most loyal customers, the Program reserves the privileges of the Exclusive Clubs: priority for reservation waitlist, greater baggage allowance and various benefits offered by our Partners are only a few of the available advantages. Because those who belong to our Clubs know that class is not only a detail.
And with the new edition of the MilleMiglia Program, it’s even easier to gain access to the Exclusive Clubs, thanks to the possibility of transferring any unused qualifying miles to the following year. 

Become A MilleMiglia Member, sign up now!


1. Your welcome bonus will be accredited if you fly with Alitalia and its Partners, or you use the services offered by the Program’s business partners within 3 months from the date of your enrollment.
2. Your personal card will be sent to you only after you have taken your first flight or you have used one of the services offered by the Program’s Partners, and only if you have remembered to identify yourself as a MilleMiglia member, indicating your personal code.
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