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Social Login

Social Login allows customers to gain access to all the MilleMiglia services* using the login details for their preferred social network.


1) Choose the social network to associate with your MilleMiglia profile.

2) Enter your social network login details (username and password).

3) Enter your MilleMiglia login details (MilleMiglia code or nickname and PIN) .  

When finished, you’ll be able to easily access your “My Alitalia” area using the login details for your preferred social network.


Filling out the registration form will be even faster if you sign up now using the login details for your preferred social network.

Useful information

  • customers can even continue to use their Alitalia access login details (MilleMiglia code or nickname and PIN).
  • the Social Login service can be deactivated at any time from the “Your profile” page, or else by modifying the settings for the associated Social Network account.
  • consult the regulations for more informations on the MilleMiglia Programme, and visit the Privacy section for information regarding the processing of your personal data.


* For some services you will still be required to confirm your MilleMiglia code and PIN in order to complete the transactions.
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