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Made-to-measure fares

Do you prefer to save or be flexible? Buy online and find the fare that best suits your needs.

Before buying your ticket online, please verify the terms and conditions of the fare you are about to purchase to make sure it meets your requirements.

As the ticket flexibilty changes according to the fare, after you have completed the purchase a change of program is not always possible. 
A change of booking or of itinerary might require a penalty payment and, in the event of cancellation, not all fares are refundable. Name changes are never allowed.

Please check-out accurately the terms and conditions of the fare you are about to purchase to make sure that it fully meets to your needs, bearing in mind that, generally speaking, the higher the fare is, the more flexible it is.

PromoA basic economy fare with a number of restrictions on refunds and changes, which are not always allowed. If they are, they’re subject to penalty payments.
EasyEconomy fare with some restrictions on refunds and booking changes, generally with penalty payments.
ComfortEconomy fare that allows certain flexibility, with refund possibility and change of booking with penalty payments.
FreedomEconomy fare that allows maximum flexibility, with no penalty payment for refunds, change of destination or itinerary.
Business EasyBusiness fare for intercontinental flights which is non refundable. Change of booking is allowed with a penalty payment, while change of itinerary is allowed with no penalty.
Business FreedomBusiness fare for international and intercontinental flights, that allows refund and change of booking with no penalty. 

Before purchasing your tickets, please read carefully rules and restrictions of the fare you have selected.

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